Zev Salamon is an aspiring tennis and golf world champion.   Born in December 2012, Zev currently trains at his home training facility in beautiful Orlando, Florida.  Current skills include topspin forehand ground-strokes,  backhand groundies, volleys,  lobs,  9 to 10 stroke rallies over the net, overhead smashes, serves,  and refraining from chewing on the racket and balls.
In the weeks to come Zev is planning on expanding his skill set to include drop shots, half volleys, and multi stroke strategy.  Zev is still not old enough to compete in USTA tourneys (needs to be 5) -so….Check back here for upcoming tournament info after December 5 2018!  Zev uses the Prince all graphite 21″ racquet.
Zev is also an aspiring professional golfer,  working on drives,  pitching, chiping, and putting.   He primarily practices at Stoneybrook Country Club in Orlando,   FL and uses Callaway Tour Junior clubs.   Zev is currently touring in the Little Linksters Tour 2017

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