Zev Has Fun at Grand Cypress Villas

Immaculate conditions greeted our competitors at the lush grounds of Grand Cypress for the penultimate tour event for 2017.

Zev was in good form at the pre match warm-ups–drawing attention for the spectators at the driving range as he hit large drives, straight irons shots, and high wedges before scheduled play began. He bogeyed the first par 3 with a missed putt. The second hole 115 yard par 4 saw a clean par for Zev after a nice drive, second shot to the green, and run of the mill two putt. Going into the last hole 3 150 yard par 5, Zev was 2 strokes behind the leader. He proceeded to bash an incredible drive a full 2 times past the other two players- impressive enough to cause all the fathers to step measure it to 100 yards- his straightest and farthest drive on record. However, his next 7 iron shot- while very good, just missed the green and dribbled into a dauntingly steep bunker. He ended the hole with another bogey- tying him for second. In the putt- off Zev missed right for a third place finish.


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