Orange Tree Golf Club LLT #2 2018

Zev Plays Orange Tree Golf Club

Zev competed in the 2nd Little Linksters Tour Event for 2018 at immaculate Orange Tree Golf Club in Orlando Florida. With the roller coasters and water rides shaping the landscape, the 5-6 year old competition was underway. Zev found trouble in the bunkers right from the first hole- attempting a daunting shot over the sand that went too short. Zev’s driver was in great form, as well as the 3 metal, but the highlight on all of the holes was his excellent putting. Zev was able to role in for 2 putts on most of the holes, with fantastic finishes of 5-10 footers. His final score for the 6 holes was a respectable 39- improving by 3 strokes from his previous tournament.


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