10U Tigers Select Zev for Fall 2020!

Zev was selected by the 10U Tigers for the upcoming 10U Fall 2020 season!

This is a large step up for Zev, who is still 7. Any players under the 10 U league that want to play up to the next age division are required to tryout for both 10U and 8U divisions. They are not quarantined spots in the higher division- they must be drafted by a team and there are very few spots. After a grueling tryout, Zev’s pitching, fielding, and hitting skills caught the eyes of the Tigers’ scouting staff and he was selected in the draft!

A major change between 8U and 10U is the pitching. In 8U, a pitching machine calibrated to 40 miles per hour is used for all games. In 10U, there is no pitching machine, the kids pitch. Although he will be playing with kids in the 10 year old age bracket, Zev is excited to be selected for this challenging new opportunity.


2 thoughts on “10U Tigers Select Zev for Fall 2020!

  1. Zev–You are remarkable and we are all so proud of you. This is a big challenge for you but we know you will work hard and do your best. Congratulations. We love you. Gaga

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