Zev Selected for 8U Baseball Draft 2019!

Zev Selected for 8U Baseball Draft 2019!

We just were informed that Zev has been selected in the spring 2019 8U East Orange Babe Ruth Baseball Draft. After a grueling tryout assessment with over 200 prospective players, most of them 8 years old and up, Zev was selected. The kids were judged by the coaching and administrative staff – all of whom were frantically scribbling their notes on clipboards throughout the trials- after completing the following assessment tasks:

1) timed base running
2) pop fly fielding
3) ground ball fielding
4) short stop to first base throwing
4) hitting

Coaches then had a week to select and barter players before final announcements were made. Only 8 year old players are guaranteed spots on a team- younger players must be drafted by a team to play 8U! WAY TO GO ZEV!

Stay tuned for more details -we don’t know which team selected him yet, only that he was selected….

Zev was selected by the BOSTON RED SOX!


5 thoughts on “Zev Selected for 8U Baseball Draft 2019!

  1. Congratulations, Zev, Your natural athletic ability and a lot of work practicing earned you this spot.

    Great grandpa Brown (starting pitcher in high school and college) would be so proud of you

    Play ball and don’t forget to have fun😄⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

  2. The incomparable ZEV does it again. A 6-year old beats out dozens of 8-year olds for a coveted spot on this baseball feeder team. Maybe we should alert SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

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