Zev Plays Winter Park Golf Tournament!

Zev Plays Winter Park Golf Tournament!

Zev competed in the Little Linksters tournament at the beautiful, 114 year old Winter Park Golf Course in downtown Winter Park, Florida.
The course is a deceptively technical and challenging one, situated in the heart of winter park, complete with the hustle and bustle of cars and trains criss-crossing the grids between holes.

Zev played well, hitting straight drives, but did lack the distance that his competitors seemed to find more easily. Zev made heavy use of the hybrid, a club he seldom goes to but today found quite useful for second and third shots on the two long par fives. The highlight for Zev was on the 5th par 4, when he was faced with a 10 foot putt for bogey that he sank. In the end, Zev’s score of 40 left him short of the qualifying 33.

Thanks as always to Brendon Elliot and the folks at Little Linksters for providing another incredibly well organized and perfectly run tournament.


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